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Customised Tax truck service.

TLC officers Taxi Trucks service. Our Taxi Truck fleet is available for hire round the clock Monday to Friday. However, if the need arises we will extend our Taxi Trucks services in Sydney on weekends as well (must pre-book for a weekend service).

In the last two decades, one of the most popular modes of transportation in Australia has been
a taxi truck. These trucks have been a famous sight on the road since the 1960’s and early 70’s.
Despite their simplicity and low cost of operation, these lovable vehicles have been a beloved
sight on the roads of Australia.

TLC’s Taxi Trucks are leading service providers in Australia. We make the difference in providing
quality service at an affordable price while staying true to our core values of safety and
integrity. We operate in a safe and secure manner, always keeping the safety and security of
our passengers and drivers in mind.

Services in Yennora

TLC is a fast and reliable courier service for both local and international services. Our courier
services in Yennora Australia offers many benefits. Our services include courier services to
anywhere in Australia.

Services in Wetherill Park

In Wetherill Park, Australia, courier is a very important service. A big part of the service is that it
is a service that people in Wetherill Park use regularly. The main reason that people use courier
services in Wetherill Park, in fact, is to move goods from one place in Wetherill Park, Australia,
to another.

TLC provides its customers with reliable, fast and dependable services at low rates. We are
expanding to cover more cities in Western Australia with more services available to you.

Services in Macquarie Fields

Having a courier in your area is a good idea for a number of reasons. You can save a lot of time
in a number of areas, and you can ensure the safety of your goods when you’re away from
home. A courier can even have a lot of experience when it comes to picking up and delivering
your goods, and this is important for you. TLC Courier Services has been operating in Macquarie
Fields for a long time, and we’re proud to say that we’re the largest provider of courier services
in Macquarie Fields.

Services in Huntingwood

TLC's courier services in Huntingwood, Australia. We deliver all over Australia. Customer
satisfaction is the most important to us and we put our customers first. We take pride in our
service and return customer satisfaction as the most important measure of our success.

Services in Guildford

TLC is a company that provides courier services in Guildford, Australia, and they're one of the
largest companies in the area. The company is very active and successful. TLC has always been a
leader when it comes to their products and services, so whenever you want to take a courier
service, we’re just a call away.

Services in Banksmeadow

TLC Courier Services in Guildford, Australia delivers packages safely and securely in one of the
Australia’s leading courier companies. You can trust us to deliver your goods as soon as
possible. Covering the Guildford area, we are always ready for pick-ups. Send us through an
online form or complete one of our numerous easy forms.


Our Taxi Trucks in Sydney are categorised into two popular categories. The first is our 1-ton Standard Taxi Trucks service; this service is for pick up and delivery within 3 – 4 hours from the time of booking.


After 3.30pm, Taxi Trucks with a 1-ton capacity must be booked as a Priority Service.


After 4.30pm or for a specific pick up or delivery time our 1 Ton Direct service is available. These timelines enable us to serve our clients better on a daily basis.


The second service that TLC offers is our Permanent Hire Taxi Truck service that has Trucks that ranges from a 1 ton ute through to a Semi trailer Flat bed trucks.

Our taxi services are subject to vehicle availability. Give us a call today and our friendly customer representative will be more than happy to assist you.

We are always here to make your life easier.

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