Standard Courier

Cost-effective and seamless

Standard service is our low-cost solution for your deliveries. Our delivery includes e-commerce parcels, palletised parcel consolidations, exports and imports. Our friendly customer service will support your delivery need with exceptional care and professionalism. Our staff and contractors are experienced and very carefully chosen.

ETA Delivery time 4-5 hours from the time of booking, our Standard Service is an economical answer for your delivery needs.

We can provide collection services or receive goods from you. We consolidate, optimise and schedule our deliveries.

When it comes to courier services, there are many different options available for getting your items
from Point A to Point B. Perfume, food and drink, stationary and several other products can range in
price model. When it comes to moving furniture, we know that logistics and inventory management play
a crucial role in accurately managing your inventory and making sure that you’re delivering the products
you ordered in the time and in the best condition.
We the TLC are an independent moving company offering the very greatest customer care and value for
all our customers. We can offer you a fast un-obtrusive service, conduct your move in the safest and
most efficient way, and will definitely deliver your furniture quickly to your new home. Our service is
second to none.

Services in Hoxton Park

Elegant and spacious, Hoxton Park is a prime residential area in Australia, and it has the best courier
services. Whether you're looking for a quick delivery in Hoxton to deliver to your home or restaurant, or
you need to send some goods out to your warehouse or business, you simply can't go wrong with TLC.
These days, there's no need to pay your local courier company an astronomical amount of money to
deliver your products.

Services in Ingleburn

TLC’s courier services Ingleburn are a local and professional courier service. Our team of experts
can help you to arrange any kind of transport you need. We can arrange everything from
delivery to international transfers. Our experienced staff is dedicated to meeting your needs
and wants and we can arrange any kind of transport or courier services regardless of budget or

Services in Liverpool

Courier services in Liverpool are not a new thing. In fact, there have been a number of
companies that have been offering courier services for a number of years. Courier services
were used in the 19th Century. However, services have not been available since the early
1900’s. Today, online courier services have grown into a very popular form of transportation.

Services in Moore bank

OUR courier Services in Moore bank offers variety of services. For a lot of people, a courier
service is a reliable option to have for delivering packages and parcels to and from your home
or business. TLC’s courier service in Moore bank is often cheap but just as reliable as having the
person you’re sending to do it for you.

Services in Chipping Norton

Courier services in chipping Norton Australia are often confused with parcel services. However,
in most cases, they are in fact completely different companies. Whenever you want to use a
courier service in chipping Norton Australia, TLC is your prime consideration.

Services in Regents Park

TLC provides its courier services in Regents Park, Australia. We’re a leading Australian courier
company that offers reliable, quality services for all types of deliveries, including the largest
global brands.

Call us, we are always here to make your life easier.

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